Djakapurra has been collaborating with Stephen Page for over two decades and was an original cast member of the stage production of SPEAR. He joined Bangarra Dance Theatre in 1991 as a traditional dancer and a didgeridoo player.


Over the years Djakapurra has been a major creative and cultural influence on Bangarra, and instrumental to the company’s ability to fuse traditional myths with contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences. Djakapurra danced lead roles in PRAYING MANTIS DREAMING and NINNI. He toured with OCHRES throughout 1995-96 to Europe, Asia and across Australia. He performed in FISH as well as on the soundtrack, singing and playing bilma (clapsticks) and yirrdaki (didgeridoo). Djakapurra performed in RITES, a collaboration between Bangarra and the Australian Ballet.


He performed as part of the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony. His major film credits include BLACK RIVER in 1993, playing the role of the water spirit and BREAKING THROUGH, an Imax 3D film produced for Expo ’93. Djakapurra continues to work collaborate with Stephen at Bangarra Dance Theatre.